Clients Accepted

Massage therapy can work wonders for most people, even those who haven’t previously focused on their health. As you make massage therapy a part of your wellness regime, the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being become more long lasting. The better you manage stress and reduce unhealthy habits, the more long-lasting the benefits of massage will be.

I prefer working with clients who take an active role in their health. I provide information on self-care, nutrition, and stress management techniques. I enjoy teaching my clients about meditation and breathing practices that help them better manage stress in their lives.

I love working with athletes who come to me to help them recover from injuries or augment their training regimen to guarantee peak performance. As a rule, they are meticulous about their health, and they are eager to get the most from their therapy. However, I apply my expertise of Sports Massage and Deep Tissue to clients from all walks of life.

I enjoy working with people who feel that the work we do together is a partnership – a team approach to good health that will help them achieve their goals. What I love about working with athletes and people who take a proactive approach to their health is their concern for their own health and their desire to get the most out of our sessions so they can remain competitive, healthy and strong. I feel the work we do will not be a temporary fix, but part of an overall approach to good health that will benefit them for years to come.

You don’t have to be an athlete to have this approach to good health.

I love working with anyone who takes responsibility for their own health and wellness.